Adult Classes

Due to COVID19, pre-registration is now required for all adult classes. Class sizes are limited based upon which room the class will be held at the studio. Adults, please follow our COVID19 guidelines prior to attending classes at Centre for Dance.

  • To register and pay for adult classes, you will first need to create an account online. To do so, please click on the button above to TAKE A CLASS to either create a new account or login to your existing account.

  • Once in your online account portal, please choose the option ENROLL IN A CLASS

  • Choose your name from the list of students in your family 

  • Then choose to add a class to your schedule, and choose the class you would like to attend. It will add to your list of classes.

  • Checkout.  ***You must go all the way through the Checkout process to guarantee your placement in class.***

  • Once you receive your emailed receipt, your place is guaranteed in class.

If you register for classes and prefer to take the class through ZOOM, please email us for the access code at least an hour prior to class time.

Current ADULT Classes


7:00 PM - Intermediate-Advanced Hip Hop with Geena 

8:00 PM - Pro-League Prep with Stephanie DiBiase

7:00 PM - Adult Contemporary with Cordell
7:00 PM - Jazz Funk with Michael
8:00 PM - Beginner-Intermediate Hip Hop with Cordell 



*To purchase a package of over 30 Class Cards, please contact the office at 972.248.1112.


Class Card Policies: 

Class Cards are e-cards.  All sales are final.  There are no refunds for unused Class Cards.  


Beginner: 0-3 years of dance trainning. Learn the basics and fundamentals

Intermediate:  4-6 years of dance trainning.

Advanced: 6+ years of dance training.  Proper technique, form and terminology




3:00 PM to 8:00 PM 







7517 Campbell Rd. Suite 400

Dallas, TX 75248 


Tel:  972-248-1112

*Phone answered during posted office hours only, for more immediate help, please email the office.