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Disko is a Texas native born and raised in Dallas, always known in the community for being a street dancer. After graduating High school he decided to pursue a his dance career a bit further where he and some friends created their own dance group performing in local dance clubs and venues. Disko later begin taking hip hop dance classes where he was introduced to choreographers such as Keith Green, Sean Whittle and many others. In 2005, once he discovered the Dance styles of "Poppin" &  "Krumping" he begin hosting his own Krump and All Styles events for others who were interested in this genre as well which he still does today. Now C.O.O. of a non-profit organization for dancers called The Elite Krew or TEKz specializing in Krump, Poppin and All Styles battles, tournaments and Dance sessions, he now possess the knowledge to teach these dance styles which he bring to The Centre.





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