Class Descriptions & Attire Requirements

shoesCreative Movement (18 months-3 years old):

This class is designed for our toddler students. Song and dance provide our tiny aspiring dancers with development in coordination, listening skills and musicality while engaging their imagination.  Sometimes our tiniest of students aren’t ready for a class that that they will attend on their own. This class is designed for those students as well and their parents who want to experience the love of dance with their children. In this class, dancers along with Mommy and/or Daddy attend class together to engage in sing-song and dance with the use of music and props to blossom imaginations.  We work with mommy and daddy to make students comfortable to eventually
be able to take class on their own.

Girls’ attire: any dance attire, tights, pink ballet shoes / Boys’ attire: comfortable clothing & black ballet shoes

Preschool Combo (3-5 years old) / Elementary Combo (5-8 years old):

This class serves as an introduction to dance for Preschool and Elementary age dancers. Children will receive the basic instruction necessary to a good dance foundation through ballet and tap.  Depending upon the progression of the class, instructors may add jazz and tumbling as well.
Girls’ attire:leotard, tights, pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes with tap ties or elastic. / Boys’ attire: comfortable clothing, black ballet shoes and black tap shoes with tap ties or elastic.

Cheer Combo (5-10 years old):

Combining hip hop with an introduction to cheer and basic tumbling skills to prepare students for cheerleading performance. This class is sure to excite all dancers!                                                                                                                                      Attire: Shorts, t-shirt or tank top, socks and tennis shoes. Hair pulled back into a ponytail.

Ballet (all ages):

Students are encouraged to study ballet first and/or along with other forms of dance, as it is the foundation to all dance. Ballet focuses on proper training, body placement and discipline, grace and poise.
Girls’ attire: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair secured in bun. Ballet skirt optional. / Boys’ attire: Black dance pants, fitted white t-shirt, black ballet shoes. / Adult attire:  gym clothes with ballet shoes.  Socks or bare feet acceptable for adults only.

Jazz/Contemporary (8-17 years old & Adults):

Combine two popular forms of dance.  This is a fun up-beat class where students learn stylized jazz steps and technique that are true to the most popular forms out there. This class will focus mainly on dance combos.  Contemporary combines ballet and jazz for an expressive form of dance where the emotional story within the song is told. Isolation of movement and control are also taught.
Attire:Dance top or fitted shirt, fitted shorts or jazz pants, jazz shoes, hair pulled out of face. / Adult attire: gym clothes with jazz shoes or foot undies.  Socks or bare feet acceptable.

Hip Hop (all ages):

A class that teaches a very popular version of street dancing featured in music videos and by their favorite performers. This genre teaches endurance and coordination.
Attire: Tennis Shoes required, loose fitting comfortable clothes such as sweats.

Drill Team Prep (10-17 years old):

Drill classes for those students interested in trying out for Drill Team and those already on Drill Team. Dancers learn all that is necessary to be Drill Team ready, focusing on precision and placement, stretching, flexibility, high kick technique, and more.                                                                     Attire:Dance top or fitted shirt, fitted shorts or jazz pants, and hair pulled out of face.  Bare feet, black jazz shoes, drill team boots, or foot undies required.

Stretch Turns Jumps (8-17 years old):

This class is designed to help any level student with their flexibility, turns, and leaps required in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and Jazz Drill. The focus on stretching to increases a dancer’s flexibility to enhance proper technique.                                Attire:  Dance top or fitted shirt, fitted shorts or jazz pants, jazz shoes, hair pulled out of face. Bare feet and foot undies also acceptable.

Dance Acro (all ages):

Special class combining classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements.

Attire: Sneakers required, loose fitting comfortable clothes such as sweats.

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