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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How are you all following COVID-19 guidelines ?

A:  Please know the safety and well being of our families and staff are at the forefront of our decisions. However, to continue serving our community, CFD is offering our full schedule in a live virutual format. For more infomation click here.


Q:  How do I register for classes?

A:  All registrations are taken online through our website, through the Login/Register link.


Q:  What forms of payments do you accept?

A:  For children's classes, we require a credit card to secure the account, but we will also accept cash at the front desk.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, & Discover.  We do not accept checks, or American Express.


Q:  How do I add to a waitlist for full classes?

A:  Once you create an account online, you are automatically added to the waitlist for any full class you select during the registration process.


Q:  Do you have any recitals or showcases?

A:  We have a year-end recital at the end of the Fall/Spring season.  It is usually in May or June.


Q:  How do I schedule a trial class?

A:  Trial classes are available for new students, under the age of 18.  To schedule a trial, create an account online, by just providing contact information for the parent/guardian, and inputting the dancer's information.  You can then exit the system, and email the studio to request a trial class.  Please include dancer's name, the class of choice, and dates interested in visiting.


Q:  How do I drop a class or withdraw from the studio?

A:  To drop a class or all classes, email the studio at  Drops must be received by the 20th of the month, or the next month's fees still apply.


Q:  What happens if I need to drop temporarily?

A:  Unfortunately, we are unable to hold a dancer's spot in class without full payment.  We are unable to "freeze" accounts, refund or issue credits for missed classes.  Dancer's may, however, makeup any classes missed.


Q:  How do I makeup missed classes?

A:  Email with the name of the dancer, and what class your dancer would like to make up in.  The office will schedule the make up, notify the instructor, and the dancer should write in their name on the roll sheet with a MU for the date attending.  

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