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TJ McCullough



Born in Dallas, Texas, T.J. McCullough grew up with two older brothers and one younger sister. He graduated from Cedar Hill Collegiate High School in 2013, and graduated from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls with Bachelor of Arts in 2018, majoring in Graphic Design and 
Minoring in PR and Advertising.

T.J. started tap dancing at the age of 9 at Mary Lois School of Dance; now located in DeSoto,TX. In 2009, he became a recipient of Gene, Louise & Fred Scholarship, allowing him to expand his tap knowledge and experience new opportunities. After joining the Drawbacks in 2009, T.J. has developed as a tap dancer under the wing of Keira Leverton.  

T.J.’s main drive as a dancer is music, and his favorite songs to tap to are by Michael Jackson, along with a wide variety of Hip Hop. He loves that not only instruments can
make music, but his feet as well. Down time for TJ means listening to music, drawing, and doing parkour. 
TJ like to infuse parkour with his tap dancing by adding backflips to his choreography. 

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